“Agility For Horses” is a competitive sport where the horse and handler navigate through an obstacle course on the ground and focus on communication. Safety is a huge part in handling the horse. The competition tests the handler’s skills in training and handling their horse.

There are different levels of competition which will help you learn new skills. For most of the levels you will be using a halter and lead. There will also be levels where you will compete with the halter, but the lead is put over the horse’s neck. Some of the levels will be against the clock. The final level is at Liberty. Good horsemanship and communication will apply at all levels.

Those that are looking to start horses under saddle or pulling a cart there will be competition for in-hand driving.

“Agility For Horses” is a great way to compete and enjoy your horse without having to ride. Everyone from adults to children ages five and up can compete and the best part is you can do this from your own facility and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on tack or hours grooming.

“Agility For Horses” is a great way to help you build a more confident relationship with your horse and it helps keep your horse’s mind working constructively. This sport is for riding horses and for horses that can’t be ridden because they are too young, too old for physical reasons or maybe it is a pony that is too small to ride.