What is “Agility for Horses?
It is a competitive sport where the horse and handler navigate through an obstacle course on the ground focusing on communication. Safety is a huge part in handling the horse. The competition tests the handler’s skills in training and handling their horse.

What is In-Hand Driving?
This class helps to prepare horses for driving or riding, building their confidence going through the obstacle course.

Is the competition only for horses?
No. Any equine can compete from miniature horses to drafts even mules and donkeys.

How old does my horse have to be to compete?
They must be at least 6 months old. For In-hand driving they must be at least a year old.

Does my horse, donkey or mule have to be registered?
No you can compete with a grade (non-registered) animal.

Do I have to own my own horse?
No. You can lease or borrow a horse.

Do I have to be a member of Agility for Horses in order to compete?
Yes you must be a member to compete. The membership money is used to buy awards.

How many obstacles are there?
There will be anywhere between 5 to 10 obstacles depending on the Level of competition

What equipment do I need?
A halter and a regular lead. For the In-Hand driving you will need a regular harness or surcingle with driving lines (no martingale, over check or side check will be allowed for In-hand driving)